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Near the “Casona del Agua” you will be able to enjoy some of the best beaches of Cantabria.
Within the territory of the Municipality of Arnuero, you will find within less than 5km. the beaches of Isla: el Sable y la Arena, both easily accessible and awarded with the European Blue Flag, the Q of touristic quality and the environmental certification. El Sable beach is located close to the urban area and its waters are quiet, while la Arena beach is almost virgin and has a naturist area. Along the estuaries of Quejo and Arena, you will also find small and peaceful creeks in which you will isolate yourself from the summer hustle.

Also in an approximate distance of 5 km. you will find the beaches of Ris, Tregandi y Helgueras, in the Municipality of Noja.

A bit farer away, there is a range of beaches, including Berria in Santoña; Galizano, Langre and Loredo in Somo, or the huge beach of Laredo.

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